A Double Does of Kim Dotcom

Megaupload may have been shut down due to New Zealand’s secret service illegally spying on founder Kim Dotcom, but that doesn’t mean a simple apology is enough. Kim is going to be back very soon, possibly with two new sites.

On September 23rd, Kim tweeted that the new version of Megaupload was nearing completion. There’s a lot of buzz and anticipation around the relaunch, as the site was getting 50 million visits a day before it was shut down.

Megabox is Kim’s second venture and attempt at a new model for selling music online. Users will be given the option to get free music for installing an app that replaces all online adds with ones from Megabox, or they can stay add-free and pay for stuff normally.

Good news about all the great new ventures for Kim, but he could still be extradited to the US by the New Zealand court system. That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal considering Kim is originally from Germany.