A Perfect Match for Michael Vick

Michael Vick will always be remembered as one of the worst animal abusers of all time, but Jamie Labbe isn’t far behind the NFL quarterback. Jamie had a dispute with her boyfriend and hatched a pretty gruesome and weird revenge scheme against him. Her boyfriend’s dogs Pebbles and Magic were the unfortunate victims in her twisted crime. Though she claims she merely “left the objects near the dogs... or in their mouths,” a lot of shit ended up in the dog’s stomachs. Veterinarians found a cigarette lighter, 4-inch metal bolt, and a shower head in one dog’s stomach. Pebbles managed to have a large metal clap and six-inch pipe lodged in her, unfortunately she didn’t survive.

Despite her lawyer Thomas Gleason claiming that Jamie was bi-polar, depressed and had substance abuse issues, the courts in New Hampshire weren’t having it. Judge Marguerite Wageling listened to Thomas plea that,“Animal rights are important but they are not to be equated with what happens to human beings,” he said. “Dogs are dogs and people are people,” but the she didn’t buy it. The judge decided that Jamie was pretty fucked up and needed to spend four to eight years in state prison at least, since she was a threat to the community. She probably meant that Jamie was a fucking lunatic too, but couldn’t say that.