A Real Space Shot

It’s pretty standard to say mean shit when you break up with someone. Break up emails—or letters for those who remember them—can be the most brutal, because who wants to read a page or two about why you suck and not be able to immediately respond. Roberto Sanchez Rivera was devastated when his girlfriend http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2208901/Man-builds-U.F.O.-house--revenge-woman-dumped-40-years-ago.html?ito=feeds-newsxml him via letter. The retired teacher is an unabashed sci-fi geek, and thought his girlfriend shared his passion for all things extraterrestrial. He even promised to build their very own UFO to live in one day.

Instead of sticking around to live in a spaceship, she dissed him in a letter saying she no longer loved him, and he later found out she also told people he’d never amount to anything. In her defense, they were only dating for three months, and that’s way to early to plan home shaped like a space vessel, but Roberto was in love.

Roberto thought about killing himself and all that other stuff that runs through your head during a break up, but instead he just got motivated. In 2002 he found the perfect plot of land in a highly visible spot where his ex would have to notice his UFO house. Ten years and $150,000 later, Roberto completed his flying saucer shaped home, completely furnished in a kitschy sci-fi style. He even has that creepy music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind pumping through the house and property.

The house has become so popular that his ex recently paid him a visit wanting to rekindle their romance some 40 years later. Roberto politely declined, he didn’t love her anymore, and she doubted this space cadet could accomplish anything.