A Revenge Plot That Bombed

There’s a certain type of person that takes their Facebook profile really seriously. They go mental if someone tags them in an unflattering photo, love to engage in political comment wars, and they “like” the shit out of everything. We can safely put Kenneth W. Smith in this category. When Christopher Shell posted an incendiary photo of his ex-girlfriend, who JUST happens to be Kenneth’s current girl, Ken went mental and wanted revenge

Chris was set to fly to Fort Worth earlier this month and Kenny thought this was a great time to really fuck with him. As he was boarding a US Airways plane, Kenny called Philadelphia police under the fake name George Michaels, and told the cops that Chris was planning to bomb the plane with a liquid explosive.

The flight took off before the police could find Chris—which is fucking terrifying—and was quickly ordered to land back in Philly. After a thorough search, Chris told the cops that it was probably that dick Kenny who called in the fake threat. They went to Kenny’s work and got him to admit to the threat quickly. He’s now facing some serious federal charges for the prank. Chris incited all this by throwing the first stone, but Ken’s revenge was a little excessive, especially after Chris landed in Dallas and was detained by police for outstanding warrants for drug possession charges. He was held on $3,000 bail and posted about it… on Facebook.