A Stab For a Stab

When Colin McFarlane’s son was stabbed, he got pretty pissed off as any parent of a knifed kid would. Normally you’d try to have the person that stabbed your kid arrested or something, but Colin was much more direct. He repeatedly called the stabber threatening him with revenge, but eventually a deal was struck. The son stabber, named Mark Gallagher, agreed to let Colin stab him back. In return, Colin wouldn’t finger Mark as the cut his son in court. Sounds fair.

When Colin and Mark met up for the planned stabbing, things didn’t go as planned. Although Mark downplayed the meet up to his girlfriend saying, "I'll just get a wee stab and that will be that." Colin proceeded to stab Mark in the ass twice, cutting some major blood vessels. Mark bled to death, and Colin was jailed for the butt stabbing. He received a 12 year sentence that appeals judges reduced to eight, because it was a consensual stabbing and he copped to it immediately.