All About Mick

It’s not a secret that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger hate/hated each other, but they also love money and that’s what’s important of course. The crusty veterans are about to embark on their 50th anniversary tour supporting a new compilation album titled GRRR! Of course both the tour and album will feature songs you’ve heard a million times, but the Stones have included two new songs on GRRR! that no one will care about ever. 

Keith, who claims he didn’t even know the Stones were touring until a few weeks ago, was recently interviewed by the Sabotage Times and revealed a few details about one of his revenge bids on Mick. When asked if he ever used a song for emotional revenge, Keith went on a tirade about his poisonous Jagger diss track “All About You”, “Oh yeah! There’s a song on the Emotional Rescue album called All About You. That’s a particularly nasty song. It’s like a litany of insults. And it was written so I could get a few things off my chest. The funny thing is that everyone assumes that it was written about Anita (Pallenberg).In fact, it’s about Mick. I’d just come off junk and went back to work with the Stones. In my absence Mick had been running the show. I was ready to pick up where we left off. But in the meantime, Mick had got used to being in charge…so, when I returned to the fold, I was made to feel like an intruder. I got the impression that certain people wished I was back on junk. Well, thank you very much, and fuck you Jack!”

Don’t forget to buy their “new” album of old songs, see them on the tour, and buy lots of merchandise, because seeing these guys together is a rare occurrence.