An Accidental Intentional Stabbing

Tamim Anzimi was out for justice when his father’s home was broken into by a female intruder—just not enough to actually do anything that night. The following day Tamim went on a womanhunt for the burglar, eventually tracking her down in Illford, Essex.

The intruder was with a guy named Haroon Khan. Haroon didn’t know homegirl was a theif and was more surprised when Tamim pulled out a knife. Like any chivalrous man, Haroon tried to block the knife and ended up getting stabbed in the arm.

Tamim should have been given an 18-month sentence for public stabbing, but instead his sentence was suspended and he was ordered to help pay Haroon’s medical bills. Luckily for Tamim, he's jus a wuss who sucks at stabbing, and that gets you out of jail time in the UK.