Assault and Pepper

When you’re leaving somewhere wasted, cab drivers are usually your best friends—even if they hate you. Even when you’re yammering on about some stupid shit in the back, as them to change the radio station, or forget where you live, they’re pretty tolerant know that you’re too drunk to calculate a tip correctly, giving them a few extra bucks.

The dark side of this is what happened to a 38-year-old man in Brecksville, Ohio. He took a taxi home around 11 PM, appearing pretty fucked up. Once they arrived at his home, the man refused to pay the driver and got verbally abusive. After two threats, the driver sprayed the guy with pepper spray. This didn’t help matters and the guy ran out and started kicking the cabbie’s car… and then got another spray to the face.

In an attempt to smooth things over, the sprayee’s wife came out and offered to pay the driver, but didn’t have the fare either. Police found the man lying on the ground, unable to stand. He was charged with several charges including petty theft.