Bad Liar or Dumb Human?


An unnamed robbery victim in Taylorsville, UT is either a really shitty liar or one of the dumbest people alive unless this chick died. The 30-year-old was lurking outside of a nightclub, when two men in a car asked him if he wanted to hang out. The guy followed his two new besties to an apartment complex before things took an unexpected turn: yup, they robbed him. The man—obviously still in shock from the sneak attack—revved his car up and tried to ram into the alleged robbers.

He did hit the bad guys’ car and the impact sent it flying into another parked vehicle, but then things got worse for our victim. His car was going so fast that he ricocheted off their car and crashed into a wall. He might be naïve and about to see his car insurance premium skyrocket, but he didn’t quit. He chased the two suspects before going back to the club and calling the cops.  The police arrested one guy but have no clue who the other alleged robber is.