Baker Beatdown

Sarvit Singh was known as a generally good guy who worked at a bakery, until he got fired after a falling out with a coworker. The timing sucked, because Sarvit’s wife was expecting their second child, and it’s never a good time to get canned anyway. There’s usually only one choice when you suddenly find yourself unemployed: get drunk. Sarvit’s friends took him out on a bender and it wasn’t long before he was fired up about his ex-workmate.

It’s not known how many drinks Sarvit before deciding to pay a visit to his ex-buddy, but it’s a safe bet that it was a decent amount. He gathered up his crew and showed up to his former friend’s house. They proceeded to hand him a quick beatdown that included smashing him with a mirror several times. 

Sarvit and his boys didn’t do any real harm to the guy luckily and was handed year in jail that was suspended for 18 months. Though he won’t be getting paid, Sarvit now has a job doing 100 hours of community service, and he’ll have to cough up some money to his old friend for the botched beatdown.