Blame It On the Alcohol

Alcohol can always turn a bad idea into a big mistake. Three Australian men learned this lesson while they were out drinking with their buddy Joshua Seymour. Matthew John Andersen claims that Josh was the instigator that night, and fueled a revenge fire on Matt’s old roommate. “We started talking about how he thinks he is better than what he really is and that we should go and set fire to his ute” Matt said, “As we kept drinking, it just started to sound like a good idea.”

Once they were drunk enough, the guys got some gasoline and headed over to the unnamed man’s storage unit that housed said ute. In their hasty planning, the arsons forgot that the ute would probably blow up and destroy more than one storage unit. Sure enough there was a loud explosion, 23 units were shredded, causing $632,000 worth of damage. Everyone got different jail sentences based on their prior criminal history, with Matt getting the longest at four and a half years. While Judge John Robertson didn’t understand how the guys could do something “so stupid,” the answer is simple: booze.