Botched Sorority Revenge

A BSU student couldn’t take some hazing from the Zeta Phi Beta sorority, so she filed a complaint with the police. The poor pledge was allegedly being harassed in the wake of snitching by the Zeta Betas, and eventually the cops had to issue an order protecting the student.

This didn’t sit too well with the sorority girls, they found out where homegirl lived and allegedly set out to fuck her car up. Zeta Phi Beta girls Briana, Bianca, Lauren, and Leteria creeped out in the night, found the car, and vandalized the shit out of it. They scratched “bitch” into the car with a rock along with a smiley face (LOL!), poured nail polish remover over it, covered it with dogshit, and broke the windows. Take that bitch! The student didn’t care about the vandalism though… it wasn’t her car.

The whip actually belonged to a 24-year-old male student and the four big girls on campus have each been charged with two Class D felony counts. If convicted, they could actually get jail time, but will probably get probation and a lot of fines. They probably won’t be hazing anyone soon and could finish up their undergrad degree at a community college.