Burned by Online Dating

Josephine Christine Kryszkiewicz sucks at dating. She signed up for an online dating service and managed to meet a dude. Things went well enough that Josie moved in with her new dude. Sounds pretty normal so far, but shit gets weird real quickly.

After a only a days of cohabitating and fighting, Josie and her new dude broke up. She went on a bender with her friend and came up with a really bad idea. She bought five dollars worth of gas, poured it into a small bottle, and headed back to her former home. Once she got there, Jo poured gas out all over the bedroom, and lit it the fuck up.

She drove off, while the apartment burned and later told police she was, “Confident the fire wouldn’t spread due to the concrete walls that separate the flats” and also explained that burning down her ex’s apartment was the only way she could get revenge on him. Sounds pretty normal. Josie hasn’t been sentenced yet, but she’s pleaded guilty to arson.