Burning Down the House

Six homes in Canton, OH have caught fire over the past five days, and there’s probably more to come. Arson has become quite popular in Canton recent--homes are lighting up daily. The house burning craze allegedly started after a homeless guy accidentally started a fire in a house he was squatting in. Three more homes were torched the next day, and another two after the initial burning. 

What causes mass arson? Chris Morgan, a homeless guy who was in one of the homes that was lit up, believes it’s arson. ““I was just here chilling one day and I heard a bunch of snap, crackle and pop and these two houses back here were on blazing fire,” he said.

The Canton fire department agrees with Chris and is begging vigilante firestarters to cut the shit. Vacant homes aren’t desirable in a neighborhood, especially when people are crashing in them and accidentally lighting them on fire. The fire chief believes that the vigilantes think burning empty places down gets rid of the problem faster. They either roast to the ground or get demolished quickly--and that solves the squatting problem, doesn’t it?

The fire department is pretty annoyed with this trend--they’d rather attend to real fires--and are offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of the arsonists.