Theresa Douglas, a former school bus driver in Maryland, had a long standing feud with a co-worker that she was ready to go to jail for. Theresa was pretty flustered after having a protective order against said co-worker dismissed by a judge. She began posting weird shit on Facebook hinting that bad shit was about to happen. "Finally finish fighting ready to go to jail" and” My last time on FB. Thanks to all that made it fun” were posted days before she decided to take revenge... with a school bus.

Theresa drove a school bus--luckily without any students in it--directly into a trailer in her school’s parking lot that housed an employee lounge. No one was seriously injured--three people got a few cuts--and after the collision Theresa just hung out, waiting to be arrested. She told the police they could take her to jail, and they did. She’ll be spending the next five years in prison after being convicted of first degree assault and malicious destruction of property with a bus.