Cleaning Lady Gets Busted

Sometimes the most important trait of a cleaning lady isn't if they actually do a good job, it's if you can trust them. A Bryn Mawr, PA collector learned the hard way to not treat the help like "the help" when his $3 million dollar bust of Ben Franklin was stolen. His former cleaning lady Andrea Lawton was instructed to never touch the bust, so when she was fired she plotted to do exactly that.

Andrea got an accomplice--that she won't snitch on--to break into the home, steal the bust. Her accomplice also took an $80,000 shadowbox, but Andrea alleges that she didn't know that. She also claims she didn't know the bust was worth $3 million dollars, she was just really mad about getting fired. 

The bust was recovered, but is cracked and needs restoration, and Andrea is being held in jail because her bail is $1 million dollars, and yeah… she can't afford that. She's facing five local counts, and also a federal case because she transported the bust over state lines. Like most people who get caught doing dumb shit she's suddenly really sorry and said to the police, ""I regret giving into my emotions and getting involved in this. I should have turned myself in when you called. I miss my family, my husband, my daughter."