Cowardly Revenge

Of all the jobs you could be assigned in jail, working in a correctional facility’s print shop doesn’t sound so bad. There probably aren’t many perks other than being able to boost ink for jailhouse tats, but it seems like a fairly easy gig. Some prisoners in Vermont found the job a little too boring though, so they decided to have some fun--at the expense of the cops.

The inmates were asked to print up some new decals for the state’s police cruisers. Instead of reproducing the police state crest as requested, someone redesigned the peaceful cow chilling in the grass. One of the cow’s spots was changed altered to resemble a pig--fitting for a police cruiser and pretty damn funny. Well... unless you’re a cop or a concerned taxpayer. Police Major Bill Sheets didn’t appreciate the prank and said, “"While some may find humor in the decal modifications, the joke unfortunately comes at the expense of the taxpayers.”