Cutting Ties With a Roommate

While it’s not clear what caused 76-year-old Guy Black’s housemate to change the locks on him, it’s obvious that he wasn’t pleased. Guy shared his home with 59-year-old Ronald Tanner, and though the motives aren’t clear, Ronald felt it necessary to lock out Guy of his own home. 

Guy wasn’t happy that Ron shut him out, so he decided to force his way in. After a quick trip to the tool shed, Guy made his way through the basement and began hacking at an interior door with an axe. When it was clear that the axe wasn’t the fastest way through the door, Guy then broke out a chainsaw and started cutting is way back into his home. Once inside, Guy got on some Evil Dead shit and started swinging the saw at Ron. Ron almost got cut, but the saw became tangled in his shirt and he was able to beat Guy with an umbrella and peace out.

Ron managed to flee to safety without any injuries and Guy is hanging out in jail, waiting to be charged for assault with a chainsaw.