DJ Won't Take Requests

A DJ in Manilla who wouldn’t take requests from a obsessed 19-year-old fan got burned almost got burned, along with his entire radio station. Rose Canquera’s infatuation with Philippine radio personality Benjie Parak went from innocent crush to insane stalker when he refused to take her on a date. Rose frequently traveled over an hour to Love Radio, where Benjie works, but was denied by the DJ repeatedly. 

Months ago Rose attempted to light the station on fire, but after the courts discovered her psychiatric problems, they dropped charges and released her--bad move. Rose was much more successful on her second arson attempt, setting fire to not only the radio station, but also a bank, part of a hotel, and a jewelry store. Rose showed up with a match and enough petrol to set the place ablaze for over two hours. Benjie, whose real name is Jay Abordo, avoided injury, as no one was injured in the fire.