Dogging the Drug Cartel

Did you ever wonder how mobsters and gangs get so good at cutting people’s fingers off and stuff? A Mexican drug gang perfects their torture by practicing… on innocent animals. One of their unfortunate victims was a dog named Lemon Pie. The shitbag drug dealers cut Lemon Pie’s paws off and discarded him in a dumpster where he was found whimpering in pain.

Luckily for Lemon Pie he was found and rushed to an animal shelter, surviving the horrific attack. Without his front paws it was doubtful he’d walk again but Patricia Ruiz refused to give up hope. The founder of the shelter took molds of his legs and was able to raise the $6,000 needed to outfit Lemon with prosthetic limbs. Lemon Pie fully recovered and is able to run and play without pain, unfortunately the drug cartel in Mexico is still thriving.