Don't Steal Laptops if You're Dumb and Can't Dance

Having your laptop stolen is the pits, especially for a college student. Boston, MA is the college capital of the world, so you can imagine how many dickheads steal shit there from unsuspecting students--it’s a lot. So yeah, a lot of people get their shit jacked, but that doesn’t mean the thieves are savvy. 

Technology enabled Bentley University freshman Mark Bao to get a little revenge on a guy who stole his laptop, and really sucks at dancing. Mark knows his way around a Macbook Air, and was able to access his computer’s data--including its Safari browsing history--via a cloud server. Mark found the culprit’s Facebook profile, but more importantly a video of the guy dancing (shittily) to Travis Porter’s “Make it Rain.” Mark then uploaded the video to YouTube with the title, “Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers.” The video went viral, and currently is close to 2 million views. The embarassed thief returned the laptop and even begged that the video be taken down because he, “have two Professional jobs that iif [sic] something like that gets leak I can get in more [sic] trouble and be more embarrass [sic] as well.”