Don't Steal Weed from These Dudes


Allen Brontkowski, along with two other creepy middle-aged men, acted a just a little heavy handed when teaching some teenage boys a lesson for allegedly stealing weed and money. Though he still refused to admit he did anything wrong, Allen has been sentenced to almost seven years in prison for a completely fucked up How fucked up? Big Al’s buddy Vincent Bosca, a licensed medicinal marijuana caregiver, had his own illegal pot stash. He was growing over the legal limit and suspected that some friends of his son were pinching herb and cash from him.

With the help of his son, Vin lured the suspects to his house where—with the help of Al and fellow shithead Gerald King—they tied the boys up and beat the shit out of them. The kids were blindfolded with duct tape and threatened with a saw. They also ripped an earring out of one of the boy’s ears, after stepping on his shoulder.

Gerald pleaded guilty to all counts against him and testified against the other two kidnappers, but Al and his legal team are planning to appeal. The law states that he’ll have to register as a sex offender for unlawfully imprisoning a minor, and man… he just doesn’t think that’s fair.