Double Crossed

Residents of Polish Hill in Pittsburgh, PA have been asking the city to do something about a dangerous intersection in their neighborhood. Despite their pleas, the city dragged their feet and the complaints kept coming in.

The phones stopped ringing recently at the Public Works office, as a vigilante painter had resolved the problem. Someone went out with a rogue bucket of paint, and created their own crosswalks at the intersection in question. The residents are thrilled, but the city isn’t impressed.

Public Works director Rob Kaczorowski contends that they were JUST about to paint in the crosswalks, and the only reason they had been lagging (since 2009) stemmed from the lack of traffic at the area in question. Plus Rob knows just how dangerous it is to go around painting lines everywhere.

"It's kind of crazy to do something like that," he said. "The person who did that would be part of the liability if there's an accident there."