Fiend for Nicotine

Who hasn’t needed coffee and a cig so badly at 2 AM that you hop in your car and speed to the store and get in a hit-and-run? Oh wait… no one really does right? The defense attorney for William Simkins Jr. wants a jury to believe that his client had a nicfit, sped to the store, and hit a 16-year-old boy on his bicycle accidentally. The boy who he struck with his car and killed just happened to be with his two friends, who moments earlier had vandalized William’s mother’s car. That’s got to be a coincidence right?

It doesn’t help Billy’s case that he also fled the scene after hitting the boy, but maybe he just panicked. His lawyer feels that this alleged revenge plot is bogus, because Bill is known for being a calm guy—he doesn’t even curse. It’s up to an Egg Harbor jury to decide if Billy was out to plow over some bike riding vandals, or was just in a rush to get some caffeine and nicotine.