Fishy Protest

It really annoys vegetarians when you ask them if they eat fish, which makes sense because fish aren’t vegetables. Fair enough. PETA--who might be running out of stuff to rally against--is organizing a protest today in West Hartford, CT in from of Max’s Oyster Bar to remind everyone that fish are animals too. 

Their mascot, Tiffany Tuna, will be posted up in front of the restaurant with signs stating, “I’m a Fish--Not a Filet” and “Fish Are Not Swimming Vegetables.” Sure it’s obnoxious to bum people out when they want to get some fresh New England seafood, but PETA does bring up a good point: fish are pretty gross. They are caught and farmed in pretty disgusting conditions--often times covered in parasites--and many contain toxins that have been linked to cancer. Oh, and over 325,000 people get sick from eating fish a year--some even die. If you've had food poisoning, you'll agree it's an effective form of revenge. 

A giant picketing tuna probably won’t dissuade many from their lobster rolls and steamers, but then again no one really knows what PETA really is doing most of the time.