From Rock Band to Revenge

Scott Joseph Barker is in deep shit. He’s currently on trial in Los Angeles for a gruesome murder—allegedly stabbing Katsutoshi “Tony” Takazato 58 times with a kitchen knife. Prosecutors believe that a love triangle laced with violence and prostitution let to the suspected revenge killing of Tony.

Scott was dating Kastutoshi’s ex-girlfriend and former gymnast Chie Alexandra Coggins Johnson. It’s alleged that Tony had amassed a massive gambling debt while he was dating Chie, and became so desperate that he pushed his own girlfriend into prostitution to help pay off the bad people he owed money to.

Chie met Tony after being kicked out of her house by her mother and a stint in rehab in 2008. She alleges that Tony not only forced her to be a hooker and make porn, but also was physically abusive though she never filed any police reports against him.

Tony was stabbed early in the morning on July 20, 2010. Chie told police that after a long night of partying and playing Rock Band, that Scott became fixated on getting revenge on Tony for forcing her into selling her body. He grabbed a knife and demanded that she go with him to Tony’s house, so he could “scare” him.

Chie alleges that she didn’t see the murder, but she did help Scott hide his bloody clothes and car mats. She even claims that after the killing Scott said Tony was “such a pussy.”

Police found a piece of fabric in Tony’s hand at the crime scene that allegedly matches evidence found in Malibu where Chie claims Scott hid his bloody clothing.