Hedge Fun

It’s not newsworthy that people in the Hamptons are obnoxious, but when obnoxious people outdo each other it’s pretty awesome. Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick is making his Bridgehampton neighbors furious with a simple shrub on his property--a ten-foot-tall “Revenge Hedge.” 

Howard planned to put a 300-foot barn on his property, but the snag was that his 40-acres are protected land. Howie’s new passion is making wine, and what better place for a winery than his estate? His neighbors claim that he’s just going to shove his vintage automobile collection in the massive barn, and fuck their view up.

So while lawyers go back-and-forth about the legality of Howard building the barn on his property that already houses a pool, spa, tennis court, and baseball field, Howie planted some greenery. The strategicaly planted hedge just happens to block his neighbor’s vies of a field and an orchard. Of course that pissed them off, and it’s also illegal. He’s been ordered to remove the hedge, but his giant sculpture of the word “LOVE” can stay on his property.