Heineken Got Pissed

Andrew Van Horne loves drinking—so much that his friends nicknamed him “Heineken.” It’s not a shocker that a guy named after a shitty beer would be a dick when he’s drunk, but Andrew has raised the bar for assholery last Christmas.

Heineken was being his typical self at a Christmas party (drunk) and started arguing with the host Owen Irving. After screaming at Owen, Heineken spilled a drink on him, allegedly pulled out a knife, and was kicked out of the party. This wasn’t the last they’d see of Heineken.

Heineken left the party, but drove by much later as Owen and friends Carl Rock and Claudine Henry were cleaning up outside. He reached ramming speed and tried to hit Owen with his car. He ended up crashing into the house and pinning Carl against a wall. Carl might lose his legs, Claudine got scraped up, and Owen dodged the entire crash. Heineken will probably be switching to jailhouse hooch as he’s been sentenced for ten years in prison.