Hot Dog Sold at a Cookout

How many times have you seen a pathetic puppy panting in a car with the windows up on a hot day? Maybe you left a note telling the owner what a prick they were, or even waited to talk shit to them—unless they were bigger than you.

Andrew Francis Haischer was attending a funeral in York, PA with a friend. After the bummer funeral, they hit up a supermarket to buy stuff for a cheery post-burial cookout. Andy spotted a 9-week-old pitbull puppy stuck in a car on the blistering hot day.

Andrew decided to rescue the pup, with the intent of giving it to his children his friend alleged, but that’s not exactly what happened. Later that day Andy sold the puppy to a woman at the BBQ.

Police were able to track down the stolen puppy, named Mocha, thanks to a Facebook post offering a reward for any tips. Though he claims it was a vigilante act, Andrew will be charged with theft and receiving stolen property.