Jack Black Feels OFF!

When a celebrity actor guest stars in a music video, it’s probably a favor or because they’re a fan of the band. There’s also the possibility that you have to pay for the performance, but that’s not a big deal for OFF! Their new video for the track “Wrong” is barley 50 seconds long--it would be fucked to charge them a full day rate. 

OFF!’s latest video is a campy riff on a 70s crime movie staring Jack Black as a bad ass vigilante--at least that’s what we can guess since he’s wearing a white hat. The guys in OFF! try to fight Jalisco, played by drummer Mario Rubalcaba, with Keith Morris getting his ass kicked first before Black settles the beef. It’s only 50 seconds long so there’s really no way to be sure who the good guys really are, or why they wanna kill each other, but Black does manage to rip out Mario’s guts.