Kung Fool

18-year-old Yongyos Deejan can be a rowdy little prick sometimes, but don’t insult his parents. If you do, he’s going to try to to kill you, especially when pride... and compact discs are on the line. Yongyos got into with a local CD seller named Chanon Yensabai. Chanon’s story is that Yongyos and his boys always come by and act rowdy, things escalated, and a lot of shit was talked. 

After a rough day of CD selling and yelling at kids, Chanon headed home to relax. Chanon--a martial arts enthusiast himself--chose to throw on a Jackie Chan movie Police Story to decompress. Things were going fine until he heard a knock on his door and a dude in a bandit mask appeared when he answered it. 

Chanon was kicked from behind and the bandit let a shot off at the ceiling. Let’s not forget that Chanon is skilled in martial arts and was hyped up by the movie. Once he had the opportunity, Chanon jumped up on some Street Fighter shit, and elbowed the bandit in the skull. The blow knocked the masked guy down and later required ten stitches. 

Chanon called the police and restrained the attacker, who of course ended up being Yongyos. Yongyos admitted to the cops that he was pissed at Chanon for making fun of his parents and wanted revenge. He didn’t manage to injure Chanon, despite having a bunch of knives and a loaded gun with him. He’s being charged with premeditated murder and a bunch of other stuff.