Let's Be Frank: You Got Scammed


People make lots of promises at parties, from hooking you up with a job to—in this case—getting you three flat screen televisions and three iPads for $2,000. The guy who made this promise to an unnamed victim goes by “Frank,” and as you could have guessed by now, Frank’s full of shit. He’s a scammer.

The random partygoer was instructed to leave an envelope of cash on a clipboard at a Walmart, and take an envelope Frank had left there. After the drop, the gullible guy was supposed to wait at the customer service desk for Frank. When Frank didn’t show up it finally hit the victim that he was getting screwed. He called Frank, who didn’t answer of course, and realized he got burned.

There’s not much you can do after losing a grip of cash, so the victim went to another party that night. He ended up running into a girl he knew there who told him about this cool guy named Frank who was going to hook her up with a sweet deal on some iPads and televisions. There was now a solid chance to catch Frank and get some revenge.

Using his wife as a decoy girl and his friend as back up, the victim headed to a Best Buy where the deal was supposed to go down. Again Frank set up the envelope swap, this time in a refrigerator. Frank had his own lookout guy with him who noticed that they were being watched, and they both tried to flee the store, but were caught by security.

Frank’s really named Jessie Martin, and he’s being charged with one count of theft, and the victim still lost $2,000 but got a little satisfaction.