Mob Mentality


In the United States many children have jitters before going back to school in the fall. Who cares about actually doing well in school? Grades are secondary to whatever the hell kids do now that could make them cool or targets for the remainder of the year. Yes deciding what color Vans could get you laid or beaten up is stressful, but it’s nothing compared to school in Guatemala.

There aren’t a lot of cops in parts of Guatemala, so when a Julio Saquil walked into a school in Alta Verapaz—allegedly drunk as shit and definitely wielding a machete—and killed two children, it wasn’t the police who came to the scene of the crime. Instead, a vigilante mob quickly found Julio and set him on fire—on the school property. Julio burned to death, becoming a statistic in a place where 40 people were killed by lynch mobs last year out of 234 attempts.