No Radar Love

Speeding tickets suck, but it's always better to just pay them because if you wait you'll owe more and if you try to fight them you'll probably lose. A 17-year-old in Austria was caught speeding by a roadside radar camera and had to pay a 25 euro fine. Instead of just dealing with he, the kid got super pissed and covered up the camera with a cardboard box. 

The cops who were recording the fines from a police car didn't notice the cover up because they both went to a supermarket to buy sausage sandwiches. After eating swine, the cops removed the box and went back to barely working. The kid noticed the box was gone and tried to cover the camera again with a plastic bag. This time the police saw him and promptly arrested him. Now he'll be forced to pay 640 euro for putting a box and a bag over a camera, in addition to his original fine.