Not All Radiohead Fans are Miserable

What do you do when your girlfriend cheats on you (with two different dudes) and you’re supposed to go see Radiohead? If you’re this guy you put up an add selling the tickets and try to get laid. The vengeful boyfriend posted an ad selling tickets saying, "The reason these two tickets are for sale is because it recently became apparent that my girlfriend (now ex), who was supposed to be coming with her friend, has been fornicated with 2 other men during our 3 year relationship.”

That’s a pretty lame thing to admit, but then again the guy likes Radiohead so he’s probably pretty lame himself. Still, the ad caught the attention of Aaron Paul--the fake Eminem guy on Breaking Bad. Aaron tweeted that he wanted to hang out with the ticket salesman. Maybe it’s because the seller ended his ad with this line, “Sex after the concert is optional but encouraged."