Paul Hates Drinking but Speed Is OK

Paul Harries’ coworkers drink on the job occasionally and he has a serious problem with it. The boozing bothered him so much, that he took it upon himself to snitch on his colleagues to his boss--this made him pretty unpopular. After ratting out the drinkers, Paul found himself being bullied at work, he even alleges that they scratched up his car. 

Since he was now working with drunks who hated him, Paul needed to do something to get back at them. Despite taking the moral high ground initially, Paul came up with a little prank that really pissed his coworkers off. He offered to make coffee for everyone one morning, asking if they wanted, “Turbo charges or rocket fueled drinks.” The groggy (and probably hungover) workmates went for rocket fueled and moments after sipping the java began shaking and having heart palpitations. Mr. Moral didn’t actually give them really caffeinated joe, he spiked the drinks with speed.

The two men ended up in the hospital until shit got normal, and Paul ended up being charged with poisoning them. He admitted to the prank, and was given a suspended sentence with the judge even saying he, “Deserved credit for reporting on alleged drinking on duty.” Chances are the bullying will continue until Paul loosens up and has a drink.