Pleb and Proud

UK Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell recently made his party look pretty bad when he allegedly yelled at some cops. Andy was reducing his carbon footprint by riding his bike to work, but got heated when he was asked to entire using a side entrance because he ALWAYS uses the main entrance. After he got off his bike, he allegedly launched into a verbal tirade, yelling at several officers.

It wouldn’t have been the biggest deal in the world if the police weren’t claiming in their report that he wouldn’t stope swearing at them, even when they threatened to arrest him. Oh, and the cops said he called them “fucking plebs” and that’s not nice. 

The police force isn’t too happy, and it won’t be shocking if Andrew suddenly gets a lot more violations for stuff. In fact, some cops showed up at a conference Andrew had pulled out of wearing T-shirts saying, “Pleb and Proud.”