Queen of Cocaine Gunned Down

Griselda Blanco allegedly shot a child she had kidnapped when she was 11-years-old, became a pickpocket in her preteens, ran away from home and became a hooker as a teen, before moving from Columbia to Queens, NY to start a cocaine empire in the 1970s. She wasn't a nice person. 

Her network was bringing in $8 million dollars per month, and she’s suspected of murdering over 200 people in the Miami Dade County alone. She had a pretty long run for a high-profile cocaine dealer, until her arrest by the DEA in 1985. She still managed to keep her operation running while she was in jail though.

Griselda was deported to her native Columbia in 2004 after serving a 19-year jail sentence. An unidentified gunman shot her in a butcher shop on September 4th, 2012 in a suspected revenge killing. The Queen of Cocaine died on the way to the hospital from the gun wounds.