Racist Biker Not Allowed on Show About Racist Bikers

Most people probably forgot that Sandra Bullock was married to Jesse James, the tattooed guy who posed in Nazi gear and cheated on her a shitload. That’s mostly because no one really cares about Sandra Bullock, her movies, or that she was married to a biker dude—shes’ that boring.

We’ll probably never know if Jesse James cheated on Sandra with a grip of women because she’s so fucking vanilla, or because he just loves getting laid. Being a cheating, Sieg Heilling, biker probably helped him land a guest role on hit show Sons of Anarchy, but Ron Pearlman wasn’t having it.

Ron’s Jewish and isn’t really feeling Nazis. According to a source close to the show, Ron told the show’s creator Kurt Sutter that he’d quit if Jesse stepped foot on the set. Jesse was paid contractually for the role, but was told the show was “taking his character in a different direction.”