Real Life Mean Girls


In a plot lifted from a bad 80s movie, Whitney Kropp was voted to her high school’s homecoming court by her fellow students… as a joke. Whitney isn’t part of the “in-crowd” and was surprised to be selected. The excitement faded quickly when she heard whispers that the nomination was a goof. It’s not the first time she’s been victimized, in the past she’s been brutally picked on, and even kicked in the shins with steel-toed boots by a classmate.

Rather than let everyone laugh at her expense, she took her mother’s advice and chose to persevere. Instead of standing home shamed, she chose to go to the dance and raise a big middle finger to her detractors. The community has rallied behind her. A local salon offered to give Whitney a makeover for free, she’s been gifted a dress from a local shop, and a Facebook page supporting her is nearing 100 thousand likes.

Whitney arrived in a Hummer at the dance and received a standing ovation at homecoming game from the entire crowed and the opposing team. Several students wore orange—Britney’s favorite color—in support of her. Instead of clowning her, Britney got a free ride and makeover, and became a national news story. You showed her Owega High School.