Redhead Revenge

When 19-year-old Matthew Woods was getting bombed with his friends and joking around about a missing child he probably didn’t think jail time was in his future. Matt got fired up after trolling Sickipedia (The world’s best collection of sick jokes) and thought that making fun of a missing redheaded kid on his Facebook account would be hilarious. Matt posted away, flooding his feed with one-liners about the girl, including this zinger, “Who in their right mind would abduct a ginger?”

While it’s still not known who would abduct a ginger, it is known who would get pissed about his comments. The answer would be a 50-person-deep mob. So wait, was Matt’s Facebook tirade so bad that people wanted to kick his ass? Did I mention that some of the comments about the missing five-year-old were sexually explicit? Whoops, they were and now Matt’s hanging out in jail for 12 weeks after admitting to his illegal comments. Poor Matt is now concerned that he won’t be safe when he’s released from jail, and is scared to come home. In other words, Matt hasn’t learned shit.