Revenge or Robbery?

Amrita Pritam is one of India’s most renowned female writers and poets. Her son Navraj Kawatra was also pretty creative—he had quite an interest in photography and filmmaking. Navraj, a Bollywood film writer and photographer, had a thing for aspiring models. This obsession could be a possible reason why two men arrived at his door with a gift-wrapped present, before tying Navraj up and strangling him to death.

While investigating the crime scene, police recovered a grip of nude photos, over 50 kinky sex toys, condoms, and 600 pills of Viagra (Navraj is 65-years-old). They also found over 100 pornographic CDs, and a ton porn movies featuring Bollywood actresses, filmed by Navraj. 

The porn stash is leading police to suspect that Navraj was active in the porn industry, and was possibly blackmailing models with hidden cameral porn films. Considering the intruders left behind a ton of porn and Viagra, and didn't take anything, revenge is a solid hunch. .