Ricky Gervais Is Scared of People on Twitter

Ricky Gervais has made a career by being a huge asshole. The smug star has no problem making fun of everyone and everything—including his friends and co-workers—but the once pudgy comedian doesn’t enjoy being insulted.

A tweet really got under Rick’s skin, so badly that he sent out a tweet to his followers (over 3 million) saying, “I’ve caught a Troll. Block or expose? You decide. Vote now. Haha.”

Of course plenty of his fans supported him—they love this asshole—but there’s been quite a backlash against Ricky, he’s even been called a troll himself. Despite the criticism of being a troll and a total pussy, Ricky stands by his decision to attack a Twitter detractor, “Calling people who expose or fight back against trolls bullies, is like trying to ban self defense because it’s dangerous.” Poor Ricky, he must be terrified.