Riding Dirty in Ottawa

There are a million stereotypes about Canadians, and they gave the world Nickelback so you think they’d be used to being the butt of some jokes. People in Ottawa don’t agree and might need to grow thicker skins to survive. There’s been an outcry against the revenge site The Dirty, that allows users to post sketchy pictures of people and explain why they are losers or whatever.

While the concept isn’t new or original, it’s really pissing off people in Ottawa, especially the ones being outted for stuff like this mom, “You can find her every weekend at brittany pub in the bathroom doing c*ke well her fake babydaddy watchin her kids and she f*cking all the guys from the west ladies lock you’re man up from this dirty girl. She’s one broke baby mama for sure.”

There’s not much Ottawans or anyone can really do once they end up on these sites other than prevention. The easiest measures being to avoid taking “sexy” pictures of yourself in bathroom mirrors and not snorting lines in bar bathrooms while you’re kids are in bed.