Rocky Revenge

A homeless man in Hillcrest, California known as “Cowboy” was beaten to death with a rock in a savage alleged revenge killing. Jason Huggins, known for his signature black hat, lived in a tent with his boyfriend Nathan Meza. Back in 2009, Cowboy’s wallet was stolen by Joshua James Larson. Jason had testified in court that it was Josh who stole his wallet. Josh pleaded guilty and was given probation, which he quickly violated, resulting a 293-day vacation in jail.

Shortly after his release, Josh encountered Cowboy in a McDonald’s and confronted him. A security tape captured the interaction. The next day Cowboy was found dead. He was beaten to death with a rock.

Josh is not only being tried for the Cowboy’s murder, but he’s facing a felony assault charge for bludgeoning Nathan with a rock and threatening to set their tent on fire while they slept.

With all the rock smashing, probation violating, and theft it would seem that revenge could be a solid motive for the assaults, but Joshua’s attorney Peter Will doesn’t agree. Peter believes Josh is the victim of a sloppy investigation not a murderer, “Joshua Larson didn’t kill anybody, something’s not right with the police investigation.”