Rozay Vs. Snowman

After trading disses on mixtapes, interviews, and live performances, the beef between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross got real at the BET Awards. It’s pretty much hip hop law that someone has get into it at the annual ceremony--this year multiple fights broke out. 

First Ross and Jeezy started got into a shouting match, shit got smashed backstage, then the fight spilled over into the parking lot. Machine Gun Kelly claims he got maced, Funk Flex said he heard shots ringing out, and Ross’ boy Gunplay was wounded and in cuffs momentarily. Gun apparently got into it with G-Unit. 50 Cent and G-Unit famously went at Ross, outing him as a former corrections officer--Cam’ron has alleged that 50 himself is a rat several times.

The awards show will still air, somehow no one got arrested, and no one cares about 50 or G-Unit despite how many beefs they start or jump into for press.