Ruth Smells a Rat

When Midway Parks towed Ruth Pearce’s car, she decided to fight back—even if it meant not having a card for six months. Things started off fairly routine for Ruth, she parked her car and dropped her kids off at their piano lesson only to return to see her car on a tow truck. A recently added sign high above the parking area stated that this was private property and all illegally parked vehicles would be towed immediately.

The truck driver informed her that she’d have to pay £390 to have her car returned to her, and an additional  £40 per day  for every day it was left at the compound… cash. Ruth didn’t have the money and they refused to take her credit card so she prosecuted Midway Parks, alleging theft. The company eventually caved and returned Ruth’s car as well as giving her £200 compensation.

Ruth was thrilled to have her car back, but something was wrong: her car smelled terrible. She tracked the stink down to her trunk where she found a dead rat under her spare tire.

“There’s no way a rat could get in there as it is an enclosed space, so I can only assume someone left me a little present,” she said.

Despite her allegations, there’s no proof that Midway Parks planted the dead rat. The company’s boss, Walton Wilkins replied to Ruth saying, “I did not put the rat there but I’m not surprised it was there as we have had quite a few cars where rats have worked their way inside and eaten through all the wires and seats.”