Samurai Showdown

Once upon a time knowing karate, or better yet being a ninja, was pretty badass. Now that everyone has a gun or knows some type of mixed martial arts, ninjas have fallen out of vogue--I’m not even sure they even make movies about them anymore. Despite their dip in popularity, ninjas, samurais, and other non-energy drink fueled martial arts masters, can still handle a situation. Some thugs in Phoenix, AZ learned this when they almost died by the sword.

A beef captured on video on a Phoenix light rail shows some dudes arguing, with one asking if someone is gonna, “Chump him!” Suddenly, two men start wailing on a tall guy with a baby blue shirt while passengers look on, and some start planning their exit. The fight continues until a random white dude busts into the frame wielding a samurai sword. He quickly assumes a fight pose, and the guy getting beaten goes over to commandeer the blade, but white guy is too focused--he’s gotta handle shit. The instigators take off at the next stop, and the guy who got his ass kicked gets to talk shit to them while homeboy poses with the sword. Police aren’t thrilled about a vigilante carrying a sword on public transportation, but at least one passenger is saying, “hey you know dude, wherever you are, rock on!"