Seinfeld is Really Upset

As a smarmy writer, Neil Genzlinger’s job is to find things to riff on and sound condescending. He recently wrote a piece for the New York Times bashing the use of the word “Really?” on TV. Really?  Neil feels that the use of this word as a comedic device is super bad, saying over use is, “undoing 2,000 years’ worth of human progress.” OK, Neil doesn’t actually think this--he’s supposed to write assholey things like this--but is there any validity to his claim? His rant wasn’t too convincing, and sounded more like an open letter to the Starbucks barista he has to deal with every morning who overuses the term. Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t buy it either.

Seinfeld--the master of “really”--wrote a rebuttal to Neil that was recently published in the NYT. His reply is very Seinfeld-ian of course, and he makes sure to use the R Word as much as possible. The Father of Really quickly points out that Neil is kind of a prick, and that really is fun to say--who can argue that. He also pounces on Neil’s use of the phrase “wrap your head around it,” pointing out that there’s no wrapping, or heads going around anything.