Shady Business


Vitaly Borker was running a classic scam, but added his own unique twist. is a typical shitty site where you can buy discounted designer sunglasses—if you’re dumb enough to think the crappy site sells authentic sunglasses and also dumb enough to pay a lot for something you’ll eventually lose.

The classic bait-and-switch scammed several customers, but it was Vitaly’s unique promotional strategies that he believes raised the company’s rank on Google—not savvy SEO. Instead of the customer always being right, Vitaly would just threaten unhappy buyers with rape and murder. He even told a disgruntled customer’s co-workers that they were a gay drug dealer. Vitaly figured the negative feedback and comments on his company, would send DecorMyEyes to the top of google searches.

This genius strategy failed, and Vitaly has admitted to sending out threatening emails, sometimes over 100 a day. A Judge has sentenced him to four years in jail, and ordered him to pay over 100 thousand dollars in fines. Vitaly didn’t sound too repentant, he blames the pressure of running a business for his actions, not the fact that he is a total asshole who had no problem scamming people and threatening to kill them.